Unemployment Assistance: Massachusetts DUA

By Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

You can learn how to apply for temporary income through Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance programs by clicking the links on this page.

DUA Chart.
This is an ongoing program.
Monday through Friday. Morning and Afternoon.

Ages: 18 and Adults.

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Department of Unemployment Assistance

To Contact DUA, use this link and submit the form: https://www.mass.gov/forms/covid-19-department-of-unemployment-assistance-contact-request

This is for general questions, completing this form is NOT and application.

Application required

  • Sign-up is ongoing



  • Both in-person and virtual (online or over the phone).

19 Staniford St # 1
Boston, MA 02114
United States

Outside Cambridge

You can apply for Unemployment benefits here: https://www.mass.gov/how-to/apply-for-unemployment-benefits

Additional information

DUA manages the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program, which provides temporary income to Massachusetts workers who are:
• Unemployed through no fault of their own
• Able to work
• Available for work and looking for a job.

Visit our website by clicking the links on this page to learn more, including how to apply!

Program continues to run during Winter vacation, February vacation, and April vacation.

Unemployment Quick Guide